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  • Testimony #7 for Dr. Todd – Left and Right Reverse Total Shoulder Arthroplasty

    the sholder center John Gordon

    After years of work and overuse, John Gordon, 77, found himself needing surgery on both of his shoulders. His doctor told him that his shoulders were basically coming apart and referred him to Dr. John Todd for surgery.

    “I’ve worked hard all of my life,” John said. “I’ve used my shoulders to such an extent that they were pretty much worn out.”

    John’s surgery included both a right and left reverse total shoulder arthroplasty with the first in May 2014 and the second in July 2015. He said his shoulder sockets had to be reconstructed, but the procedures went well and he was back to his usual self in just a couple of days. John believes if he had not had the surgery, he would likely have experienced disability in his shoulders, but has none now.

    John said that Dr. Todd was good about answering his questions and didn’t shy away from addressing those where the answer might be conditional or dependent upon other factors. He said he would gladly recommend Dr. Todd as a surgeon. “I just think he’s a good doctor. He did what was needed to put my shoulders back together and I’m pleased with it.”

  • Testimony #6 for Dr. Todd – Left and Right Carpal Tunnel Endoscopic Release

    THe Shoulder Center Merilyn Hicks

    After years of working on a computer every day, Merilyn Hicks, 55, realized that her hands were falling asleep. On the recommendation of her brother, she visited Dr. Todd and it was confirmed that she was experiencing carpal tunnel syndrome.

    Merilyn said that Dr. Todd explained everything to her and gave her a few options of things to try before performing the surgery, but it was determined that surgery was still needed. She first had surgery on her left wrist in 2014, and she went back and to get the right one done in March 2016. She said that she experienced no pain with her surgery, did not need therapy, and is now completely back to normal.

    “Dr. Todd was the best doctor I ever went to so far,” Merilyn said. “I had never had a surgery where I didn’t have pain after. He is so gentle and nice, and he talks to you so sweet and makes sure everything is going fine.”

    Merilyn also said that she feels like Dr. Todd will do what it takes to find the right treatment to fix your issue. She feels confident in his way of saying, “If this doesn’t work, I want you back.”

  • Testimony #5 for Dr. Todd – Rotator Cuff Surgery

    The Shoulder Center Priscilla Anderson

    Priscilla Anderson, 54, injured her right shoulder during a water skiing accident in April 2015 and began experiencing symptoms of a torn rotator cuff.

    Dr. Todd was able to repair the rotator cuff arthroscopically but realized during the surgery that there was another issue with Priscilla’s shoulder, so he also had to make an incision to reattach the long head of the bicep tendon.

    Before the surgery, Priscilla’s shoulder had also begun to freeze and form some adhesions that had made it tight, so she knew it would be a difficult rehab. “Dr. Todd is good at communicating the need for sticking with it and going through the rehab because rehabbing a frozen shoulder is difficult and painful,” she said, adding that it can add 6 to 7 weeks to therapy time.

    Priscilla came to Dr. Todd again because he had repaired her left rotator cuff in 2007 after a dirt bike accident. She said because she had already been through a difficult surgery with him before, she knew that she would be able to get her shoulder back after this second surgery. Priscilla has been also a Type I insulin dependent diabetic for 30 years and said that Dr. Todd knows how to work with this condition as well.

    She is now 90% of the way to being back to normal and continues to work on her strength and flexibility. She has already gotten back to her prior activity level and has no daily pain.

    “Overall, they are very patient focused and they are good at listening and asking questions and following up, and following through until everything is accomplished that you need accomplished,” she said. “They will follow you through to the end.”

  • Testimonial #4 for Dr. Todd – Rotator Cuff Surgery


    Mel Willie, 76, has had rotator cuff surgery twice. The second shoulder operation, performed by Dr. John Todd, was necessary because a car Willie was working under rolled over his body, pinning him underneath. “It hurt my shoulder and shattered my legs,” he said.

    Complications following procedures on his legs after the accident led to an amputation. Dr. Todd was able to successfully repair his shoulder, though, so Willie is able to perform normal daily activities. He was fitted with a prosthesis, and hasn’t slowed down, Willie said. “I climbed 158 steps two months later.”

    “The first day after the surgery I had no pain whatsoever,” Willie said of the rotator cuff procedure. “I do everything I want. I chop trees, I catch fish.”

    “He is fabulous,” Willie said of Dr. Todd. “He performed microsurgery on me. Before he did it, he ordered an ultra sound and an MRI just to be sure he wasn’t missing anything.”
    Following rotator cuff surgery in October 2013, Willie was in a boat in Michigan by December, hauling in some enormous fish. “I caught a 49-inch Northern Pike. I brought her up to the boat, weighed her, said ‘Thank you God’ and let her go.”

    Quote about the staff:
    “I’ve had great experiences with the staff,” Mel Willie said. “Over the last few years they have always been polite and professional and they do call you back.”

  • Testimonial #3 for Dr. John Todd – Reverse Total Shoulder Arthroplasty


    Danny Galanopoulos, 79, came to America from Greece when he was 11 years old. At age 17, he joined the U.S. Army, serving in the Korean War. Eventually, he took a job with the telephone company where he worked until retirement.

    A little more than two years ago, he began having intense shoulder pain. A five-day-a-week golfer, Danny sought help for the orthopedic issue. “I’m pretty active and I couldn’t swing my club,” he said. “I went to see Dr. Todd. He did a great job. He’s a really nice gentleman.”

    An exam and tests revealed that Danny needed a reverse total shoulder arthroplasty. Within five weeks of the operation, Danny said, he was finishing up the required physical therapy and already back on the golf course, working on his backswing.
    “My golfing game has really improved,” he said. “It’s better than it’s ever been. I have no pain at all.”

    Since then, Danny said, he has recommended that several of his buddies see Dr. Todd for shoulder and knee issues. “I was very pleased with his whole staff,” he said. “They were very professional and courteous. Very nice.”

  • Testimonial #2 for Dr. John Todd – Total Shoulder Arthroplasty


    After years of intense gym workouts, Randy Best’s shoulders ached so much he could barely pull a shirt on. “Every day things were becoming problematic,” he said. “I was approaching retirement and knew I had to do something.”

    What Randy did was visit Dr. John Todd to talk about his options. Dr. Todd operated on Best’s knee a few years earlier and they talked about his aching shoulders then. Best said he wanted to put off the surgery for as long as he could. When dressing himself became an issue, he made an appointment. Eventually, Dr. Todd performed a total arthroplasty on each of his shoulders.

    That was two years ago. “My range of motion is much better than it was before the surgery” Best said recently. “I can do things again that are exercise related that I couldn’t do for years. It’s close to 100 percent better than it was prior to the operation.”

    Best also has recommended Dr. Todd to a friend at church. “Overall, the staff has always been courteous and very professional.”

    Randy Best, total arthroplasty on both shoulders.

  • Testimonial #1 – Dr. John Todd – Shoulder Dislocation Surgery


    Brittany Fowler, 23, from Jacksonville, Fla., injured her shoulder during her senior year of college playing softball for the University of South Alabama.

    “I dove into third base and my shoulder came out of the socket,” she said. “I sat out for one game.” By the end of the season in 2013, she could barely lift her arm. “It was super painful. I ended up needing surgery.”

    Brittany was referred to Dr. John Todd after an MRI revealed extensive damage. “He told me everything in a way I would understand it. He explained it perfectly and drew diagrams for me so I knew everything he was talking about. He was very helpful.”

    “We scheduled surgery and he met with my mom beforehand and talked to her, too. He’s just an over-all great doctor. I had several appointments with him after the surgery. He also would come in and check on me during my physical therapy sessions. I was really glad I had him.”

    “After the surgery, his nurses told me everything to do to keep my shoulder out of pain. They called and checked in on me several times. I was really prepared, which was nice because sometimes people don’t tell you everything.”

    Brittney graduated from USA and is headed to nursing school. She’s back to giving softball lessons and coaching a traveling softball team in Daphne for girls age 7-10.

    “I have no pain,” she said. “I can throw and it doesn’t hurt. He told me it might not be 100 percent, but that his goal was to get me back to 99 percent. It’s a lot better. I’m glad I got the surgery.”

    About rehab:
    After surgery, Brittany’s shoulder was in a sling for six weeks followed up by more than 3 months of physical therapy.

    “Once he cleared me, he told me the progression I should use. Dr. Todd really helped me out a lot. I already recommended him to someone else, the sister of a teammate. He just puts everything in terms you understand.”

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